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Word Example of - arraignment

    Example Sentences for arraignment

    He was one of the youngest of the Senate at the time of Socrates' arraignment.

    It is an arraignment which humiliates the descendants of the members of that body.

    Not Garrison himself ever made so vigorous and powerful an arraignment of slavery as did this Southerner.

    Nevertheless, Mary went on with her arraignment uncompromisingly.

    It is not the purpose of this article to argue the cause of the man of science, or to say whether or not this arraignment is just.

    Gregory sank deeper into his chair as Dickie Lang proceeded with his arraignment.

    It was an arraignment not delivered but hurled, headlong, with the force and rush of a cavalry charge.

    There was no bill of indictment, no arraignment, no counsel.

    But what a stinging rebuke it was, what an arraignment of French character and French royalty!

    From Lise she had been prepared for suspicion, arraignment, ridicule.

Word Origin & History of - arraignment

    Word Origin & History

    arraignment 1540s, from O.Fr. araisnement, from araisnier(see arraign).

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