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Word Example of - arranged

    Example Sentences for arranged

    When these were arranged upon the table to his satisfaction, they sat down to tea.

    Every preparation for the transfer of the papers had been arranged with utmost secrecy.

    It is impossible that he could have arranged for the abduction.

    As arranged before we left Detroit, we were to go up the Mississippi River.

    Very good, and I presume you have arranged a place to meet him?

    The hour arranged upon for the general assault was fast approaching.

    It was arranged that Jack should not go back to the office that afternoon.

    In fact Maud arranged so that everyone should be away and Sylvia alone.

    It was arranged that Mr. Percival should see me again in three days.

    By diplomacy, arranged beforehand with the door-girl, he got her downstairs.

Word Origin & History of - arranged

    Word Origin & History

    arrange late 14c., "to draw up a line of battle," from O.Fr. arrangier, from a- "to" + rangier "set in a row" (Mod.Fr. ranger), from rang "rank," from Frank. *hring. A rare word until the meaning generalized to "to place things in order" c.1780-1800. Musical sense of "adapt for other instruments or voices" is from 1808.

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