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Word Example of - arrangement

    Example Sentences for arrangement

    The appearance of the ke and the arrangement of its bridges are shown in Fig. 17.

    M. Joutel and his associates were also well pleased with this arrangement, for they too could now talk freely.

    War itself had become a matter of arrangement, bargain, and diplomacy.

    For title, arrangement, headings, and like details the publishers are responsible.

    Amy had made the calculation, and wondered what was the cause of this arrangement.

    With this arrangement all agreed; for surely here was a palaver not to be feared.

    It is scarcely credible that the samurai should have accepted such an arrangement.

    This arrangement is inconsistent with the sales and use potential of the device in question.

    As for my servant bringing home Carl in the evening, the arrangement is already made.

    Josephine was far from raising any objection to the arrangement.

Word Origin & History of - arrangement

    Word Origin & History

    arrangement c.1743, from Fr. arrangement, from arranger (see arrange).

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