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Word Example of - arriving

    Example Sentences for arriving

    Why should we not, on arriving at the Soul, stop there, and consider her the first principle?

    On arriving at the house they were met by Madame Paskiewich and her two daughters.

    His greatest anxiety, on arriving in any country, is to quit it.

    Maulbow, if he had pursued without hesitation, should be arriving by now.

    Arriving at Delta, Mr. Malcom drove directly to the railroad station.

    He saw that some other guests were arriving, and put his hand on the boy's shoulder.

    Then he went to rehearsal, arriving an hour behind time, at least, a matter which he treated with the coolest indifference.

    Arriving there, I thrust the painter deep into a narrow cleft.

    It was something of a disappointment to her, on arriving at Harmony, to find everything exactly as she had left it.

    On August 3rd she left Skipton, arriving at Pomfret on the 5th.

Word Origin & History of - arriving

    Word Origin & History

    arrive c.1200, from O.Fr. ariver "to come to land," from V.L. *arripare "to touch the shore," from L. ad ripam "to the shore," from ad "to" + ripa "shore," with an original meaning of coming ashore after a long voyage. Sense of "to come to a position or state of mind" is from late 14c.

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