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What is a better word for articulation? What's another word for articulation? What are 5 "articulation synonyms"? How can I replace the word articulation? What is the meaning of articulation in English?

Word Example of - articulation

    Example Sentences for articulation

    His articulation now became difficult; but he was distinctly heard to say: "Thank God, I have done my duty!"

    The selection and articulation of these men in all communities is all that is necessary.

    After this, she continued for some time in prayer, but her articulation was indistinct.

    Arthrodial: an articulation that permits motion in any direction.

    Therefore, music, the plastic arts and speech have their origin and their perfection in articulation.

    Joint: a segment or part between two incisures: an articulation.

    His English was good, and his articulation indicated a quality of breeding.

    It is simple, and well sung, with a distinctness of articulation not often heard.

    In the second articulation, it is the second row which moves; gliding on the inferior articular surfaces of the row above it.

    It lacks the consonantal elements, the characteristic of articulation.

Word Origin & History of - articulation

    Word Origin & History

    articulation 1540s, "the action of bending the joints," from O.Fr. articulation, from M.L. articulationem (nom. articulatio) "separated into joints," from articulatus, pp. of articulare "to separate (meat) into joints," also "to utter distinctly," from articulus, dim. of artus "joint" (see article).