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Word Example of - artifice

    Example Sentences for artifice

    Inaccuracy in detail and artifice in the arrangement of isolated peoples are inevitable in such a scheme.

    There 'was no painful change to be concealed by any artifice.

    The artifice is visible—I mean the industrious mechanism of their construction.

    But when probity fails, a little ingenuity and artifice will do quite as well.

    You have artifice instead of feeling, and conceits and often downright fustian instead of heart, soul, and human passion.

    With an intellect like hers, it would be idle to adopt so shallow an artifice.

    If we are to apply art to great work we must distinguish art from artifice.

    They held the secret of artifice in metals and gems; they were architects and sculptors.

    By this artifice, gross as it is, the patrons of this wonderful bill hope to obstruct a plain and open detection of its tendency.

    Jeff had been summoned, and Esther met him with no pretence at an artifice of coolness.

Word Origin & History of - artifice

    Word Origin & History

    artifice 1530s, "workmanship," from M.Fr. artifice "skill, cunning" (14c.), from L. artificium "making by art, craft," from artifex (gen. artificis) "craftsman, artist," from ars "art" (see art (n.)) + facere "do" (see factitious). Meaning "device, trick" (the usual modern sense) is from 1650s.

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