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Word Example of - artist

    Example Sentences for artist

    Such are the horses on which gods and heroes ride, as represented by the artist.

    But now they were only two—the artist and the scientist being immune to shame.

    The lady paints, her husband is a doctor, and she is living with an artist.

    A mere dancing-master is an artist who teaches to form steps.

    He is an artist, though he keeps his talents as secret as if they were crimes.

    There is only one Raphael, bad an artist may still be an artist.

    Could it be, she asked herself, that Reine was going to take her and have her taught to be an artist?

    The others could not follow, because of Big Waller and the artist, who obstructed the path.

    These qualities in a high degree make the artist, whether painter or engraver, naturally excelling in portraits.

    I afterward learned that it was the work of an artist, and durable as granite.

Word Origin & History of - artist

    Word Origin & History

    artist 1580s, "one who cultivates one of the fine arts," from M.Fr. artiste (14c.), from It. artista, from M.L. artista, from L. ars (see art (n.)). Originally used especially of the arts presided over by the Muses (history, poetry, comedy, tragedy, music, dancing, astronomy), but also used 17c. for "one skilled in any art or craft" (including professors, surgeons, craftsmen, cooks). Now especially of "one who practices the arts of design or visual arts" (a sense first attested 1747).

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