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Word Example of - aspect

    Example Sentences for aspect

    Nothing about the aspect of the other rooms of the chateau had struck you as familiar?

    But of a truth the aspect of the madman now was more terrible than before.

    She slowly rose at this, facing him with an aspect as handsomely mild as his own.

    But then, remember, still further, the other aspect in which we can look at this thought.

    The chill presence of death has altered the aspect of everything.

    With that aspect of the question I have nothing to do, and of it nothing to say.

    The injury that his mind had sustained now assumed an aspect that was serious indeed.

    All were picturesquely situated and, in the distance, presented an aspect of much beauty.

    The feudal castle is in ruins, but the aspect of the city is just the same.

    Uncle Nathan's face did indeed present an aspect which was almost hideous.

Word Origin & History of - aspect

    Word Origin & History

    aspect late 14c., an astronomical term, "relative position of the planets as they appear," from L. aspectus "seeing, looking, appearance," from pp. of aspicere "to look at," from ad- "to" + specere "to look" (see scope (1)). Meaning "the look one wears, the appearance of things" arose 1590s.