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Word Example of - assemble

    Example Sentences for assemble

    We want all the people to assemble in the bowery at ten o'clock tomorrow.

    The rest of the party was to assemble in the afternoon in time for tea.

    The pieces necessary to assemble the hull are shown in Fig. 58.

    They assemble for the celebration of her worship at full and change constantly.

    The next evening, at dusk, the crowd began again to assemble in front of the chapel.

    The Senate, indeed, continued to assemble, and to exercise its usual functions.

    Now you propose to assemble all the money in the world, and all the brains and say: give us a perfect man!

    They could assemble only at such hours when the juniors were in class, and the chapel vacant.

    The brethren then assemble and commence a circular march, singing the song, "Mark Masons all appear."

    Just before her guests had begun to assemble, she had been alone with him for a few minutes.

Word Origin & History of - assemble

    Word Origin & History

    assemble mid-13c. (trans.), c.1300 (intrans.), from O.Fr. assembler (11c.), from L. assimulare "to make like, think like," later "to gather together," from ad- "to" + simulare "to make like" (see simulation). In 14c. it also was a euphemism for "to couple sexually." Assemble together is redundant. Meaning "to put parts together" in manufacturing is from 1852.