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Word Example of - assembly

    Example Sentences for assembly

    He invoked the spirit of his mother; he brought together an assembly of elves and goblins.

    He took off his cap, and bowed as gracefully as a dancing-master to the assembly.

    After the assembly had dispersed the Emperor retired to his private cabinet.

    At the Assembly I was quite ashamed of my head, for nobody had long hair.

    The Paris proletariat were as jealous and suspicious of the Assembly as the Assembly of them.

    Then they demanded additional representation in the Assembly.

    This was at a blockhouse just outside the New Zealand assembly line.

    When they are allowed to sit down in an assembly they look upon it as a favour.

    About that time the Bishops in assembly asked, "Is Simeon sincere?"

    The discussions in the Assembly did not equal the Commotions.

Word Origin & History of - assembly

    Word Origin & History

    assembly early 14c., "a gathering of persons," from O.Fr. as(s)emblee, noun from fem. pp. of assembler "to assemble" (see assemble). Meaning "gathering together" is recorded from early 15c.; that of "act of assembling parts or objects" is from 1914, as is assembly line. School sense is recorded from 1932.

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