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Word Example of - assent

    Example Sentences for assent

    And who is able to compel you to assent to that which appears false?

    When Vienna refused its assent, Koch resigned his commission.

    Not a word, however, of this could he say, and so he nodded his assent to Misset's proposal.

    Unfolding a paper, she vainly strove to read her assent to the divorce.

    Having given her assent, she took the money and the receipt, and went out.

    It, however, required the assent of the Queen before it became law.

    The soldier smiled an assent, drank off a glass of brandy, and then accompanied them to the villa.

    It was with extreme reluctance that I could at all assent to the measure of Union of the Canadas.

    The poor woman merely bowed her head in token of assent, and left the store, her pale cheeks moistened with tears.

    And I guessed what they both thought—that assent would be easy enough to win.

Word Origin & History of - assent

    Word Origin & History

    assent c.1300, from O.Fr. assentir (12c.), from L. assentare "to agree with," freq. of assentire, from ad- "to" + sentire "to feel, think" (see sense). The noun is c.1300, from O.Fr. assent, a back-formation from assentir.

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