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Word Example of - assertion

    Example Sentences for assertion

    His hollow voice and laboured breath gave the lie to his assertion.

    He had some cartridges in his pocket, and to prove his assertion he let several of them off together.

    Giles had refused to believe his assertion of innocence, and he had no proof.

    This assertion is in perfect harmony not only with science, but also with revelation.

    Again and again the narrative was repeated, till conjecture once more began to take the place of assertion.

    His assertion needs to be extended from literature to literacy.

    Mrs. Ferrars, though singularly intuitive, shrank from controversy, and settled everything by contradiction and assertion.

    Captain Cowan knew that the assertion was without foundation.

    Your way of speaking to me implies an assertion of equality—'

    But I do not wish to leave an assertion of this kind without illustration.

Word Origin & History of - assertion

    Word Origin & History

    assertion early 15c., from O.Fr. assertion (14c.), from L.L. assertionem (nom. assertio), noun of action from L. asserere "claim rights over something, state, maintain, affirm," from ad- "to" + serere "join" (see series). By "joining oneself" to a particular view, one "claimed" or "maintained" it.

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