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"asseveration Synonyms"

What is a better word for asseveration? What's another word for asseveration? What are 5 "asseveration synonyms"? How can I replace the word asseveration? What is the meaning of asseveration in English?

Word Example of - asseveration

    Example Sentences for asseveration

    Finally through the mist he heard the asseveration that it must be the work of fox or badger.

    It has not occurred to her that his words are a question rather than an asseveration.

    "Only in a speritchual sense, Sister Sudley," Nehemiah gasped, as he made haste to qualify his asseveration.

    With all his asseveration he does nothing to convince us that he was ever at Windsor, or that, if so, he was glad to be there.

    The other man kept up the argument by spitting and by asseveration.

    She then repeated her asseveration that she would now do it effectually if he disappointed her.

    He now called to mind the words of her asseveration, that her child was with the dead.

    I venture to add, with all possible energy of asseveration, that I did that thing, Nim.

    He was threatened with an arrest, but persisted in his asseveration that he would obey the judge's order.

    It was impossible to persuade him that such an asseveration could be false.

Word Origin & History of - asseveration

    Word Origin & History

    asseveration 1550s, from L. asseverationem (nom. asseveratio) "vehement assertion," from asseveratus, pp. of asseverare "to swear solemnly, act with earnestness, assert strongly," from ad- "to" + severus "strict, severe" (see severe).