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Word Example of - assistance

    Example Sentences for assistance

    His assistance to the Home Government was of no mean importance.

    Cannot you let him come to you for advice and assistance when he wants it?

    I come, Lucullus, to ask your assistance, to claim your sympathy and help.

    By this time the young men will have eaten, and you will call them to your assistance.

    In twenty minutes, they read it distinctly without any assistance.

    Charles, however, was eager to go to the assistance of the young seaman.

    The Greek inhabitants gave no assistance to their Venetian masters.

    Harry was considering how he could best render her assistance.

    He flies to the assistance of persons of his own profession.

    There can be no doubt he thought we had assistance not far off.

Word Origin & History of - assistance

    Word Origin & History

    assistance late 14c., "act of helping or aiding," from O.Fr. assistance, from assister (see assist).

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