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Word Example of - associating

    Example Sentences for associating

    Afterwards, associating herself with another young lady, to whom she was tenderly attached, she succeeded better.

    It could be shown that he had been associating with those who had engaged in the plot.

    They do not separate the man from his work, but insist on associating him with it.

    Associating with the Professor improves any man's vocabulary, in spite of themselves.

    She was associating this tragedy with herself—as part of her life, her fate.

    His daughters might amuse the children, but as to associating with Mrs. Caldwell, that was absurd!

    Deformity and deficiency of the corpus callosum in some degenerates is but an expression of general defect of associating tracts.

    For all she was a Cockney, hers was a simple soul, associating Peace with Good-will.

    She had been associating so much with aviators and air men that she had become one.

    What could induce you to think of associating Charles and Alice?

Word Origin & History of - associating

    Word Origin & History

    associate late 14c., from L. associatus pp. of associare "join with," from ad- "to" + sociare "unite with," from socius "companion." The noun is first recorded 1530s, from associate (adj.).

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