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Word Example of - association

    Example Sentences for association

    Association of ideas is a nursing mother to the fertility of authorship.

    What was Solomon White's association with the Boundary gang, she could only guess.

    During the year the membership of the association more than doubled.

    We are led by suggestion and association to believe that there must be wisdom and utility in what all do.

    Would our great lords tolerate, even for a few hours, the association with honest fellows of this stamp?

    Kinship was lost by separation, and fire superseded it as a bond of association.

    The association is named, in the form, Holy League, Christian and royal.

    However, the association was content; or at least it gave no sign to the contrary.

    It has been also found, often in association with iron ores, at a few other localities.

    The hilarity at the association's expense burst all bounds, now.

Word Origin & History of - association

    Word Origin & History

    association 1530s, "action of coming together," from L. associationem, noun of action from associatus, pp. of associare (see associate). Meaning "a body of persons with a common purpose" is from 1650s. Meaning "mental connection" is from 1680s; that of "quality or thing called to mind by something else" is from 1810.

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