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Word Example of - assumption

    Example Sentences for assumption

    And I felt that here again the assumption was an untrue one.

    "Why don't you wait a little while, and I'll tell you all the news," he said with an assumption of gaiety.

    There is an assumption of superiority, and often a manifestation of contempt.

    This assumption of ignorance staggered Richard for the moment.

    He had been stunned by the shock and his active imagination had at once accepted the assumption that he had been wounded.

    The assumption of perception is the minimum at which expression is acknowledged.

    The first assumption obviously rests entirely on negative evidence.

    By every tie of duty, he was bound to oppose such an assumption.

    The distance and route pursued by the expedition are both strongly corroborative of this assumption.

    We have conclusive evidence, however, against this assumption.

Word Origin & History of - assumption

    Word Origin & History

    assumption c.1300, "the reception, uncorrupted, of the Virgin Mary into Heaven," from L. assumptionem (nom. assumptio) "a taking, receiving," noun of action from assumptus, pp. of assumere (see assume). Meaning "action of taking for oneself" is recorded from 1580s; that of "something taken for granted" is from 1620s.

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