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Word Example of - astonishingly

    Example Sentences for astonishingly

    Miss Blake found "Bailey's Babies" astonishingly unmanageable.

    The stenographer's cheeks were burning; she was astonishingly pretty.

    Tests have proved that even heavy cars can be pulled up in astonishingly short distances, considering their rate of travel.

    That the bee-moth has multiplied most astonishingly, is undoubtedly true.

    They were both handsome young fellows; one of them was astonishingly handsome, swarthy, black-eyed.

    You are so astonishingly disinterested when you talk of him.

    Suffice it now to glance at the astonishingly complete theory of cavalry on which his marvellous execution is founded.

    The world is not quite infinite—but it is astonishingly full.

    Concerning the rest of the town he was as astonishingly noncommittal.

    The shampooer, whose transformation is astonishingly sudden.

Word Origin & History of - astonishingly

    Word Origin & History of astonishingly

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