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Word Example of - astrological

    Example Sentences for astrological

    The astrological prognoses made by the professional astrologist, Petosiris, for the king Nechepso of Sais are well known.

    Astrological influence, partly action, partly significance, iv.

    The personal name was always that of the day of birth, this being adopted for astrological reasons.

    Concatenation from universal reason are astrological signs, iv.

    All night while Fazil sat there, she had pored over the book of astrological diagrams in a hopeless puzzle of mind.

    Eliezer, author of an astrological book of chances, lived in 1559.

    Her astrological council, then composed of Nostradamus and the two Ruggieri, had already predicted to her the death of the king.

    These characters are astrological, or of some other magical kind.

    This was the astrological chamber; the mystic room into which visitors were conducted to have their fortunes told.

    Then, dear Master, why do you want me to wear an astrological bangle?

Word Origin & History of - astrological

    Word Origin & History

    astrology late 14c., from L. astrologia "astronomy," from Gk. astrologia "telling of the stars," from astron "star" (see astro-) + -logia "treating of," comb. form of logon "one who speaks (in a certain manner)." Originally identical with astronomy, it had also a special sense of "practical astronomy, astronomy applied to prediction of events." This was divided into natural astrology "the calculation and foretelling of natural phenomenon" (tides, eclipses, etc.), and judicial astrology "the art of judging occult influences of stars on human affairs" (also known as stromancy, 1650s). Differentiation ...between astrology and astronomy began late 1400s and by 17c. this word was limited to "reading influences of the stars and their effects on human destiny." Astrological is recorded from 1590s

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