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Word Example of - astronomical

    Example Sentences for astronomical

    The history of the 18th-century Borghesi astronomical clock is described here from contemporary source material.

    The tenth of September is, after all, fairly within the astronomical Summer.

    It was the second astronomical book to be printed, the first edition appearing at Ferrara in 1472.

    An examination of the Astronomical doctrine of the Moon's rotation.

    The last invention bore fruit in astronomical discoveries, and in 1610 he discovered four of the moons of Jupiter.

    There is the true or astronomical bearing, and the magnetic bearing.

    He also made an astronomical instrument to which he gave the name "Albion," and wrote a book describing the manner of using it.

    The graduated arc of an astronomical or surveying instrument.

    Certainly the prizes to be won are astronomical and the contestants scarcely less so.

    Here my record of astronomical myths must be brought to a close.

Word Origin & History of - astronomical

    Word Origin & History

    astronomical 1550s, adj. from astronomy + -ical. Popular meaning "immense, concerning very large figures" (as sizes and distances in astronomy) is attested from 1899. Astronomical unit (abbrev. A.U.) "mean distance from Earth to Sun," used as a unit of measure of distance in space, is from 1909.

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