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Word Example of - athletic

    Example Sentences for athletic

    There were tennis and basketball courts, and other means of athletic enjoyment.

    Yet she had none of the mannish mannerisms that so often accompany an "athletic" girl.

    Athletic regulations should not debar a student from playing summer baseball.

    He was a mason by trade, and was athletic and tall of stature.

    Gladiators were chosen from the strongest and most athletic among slaves and condemned criminals.

    I like the adventure stories the best, but the athletic stories are good, also.

    Ten minutes later I entered the shop of an athletic outfitter.

    Like most of the wild tribes of Mindanao, that of the Mandayas is athletic and robust.

    Smart, athletic men they looked, as they crowded the decks and shouted back greetings to the British.

    Athletic sports were a passion with him in his manhood, as I have said.

Word Origin & History of - athletic

    Word Origin & History

    athletic 1630s, "pertaining to an athlete," from L. athleticus, from Gk. athletikos, from athletes (see athlete). Meaning "strong of body; vigorous; lusty; robust" [Johnson, who spells it athletick] is from 1650s. Related: Athleticism (1870); athletics (c.1730).

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