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Word Example of - atlas

    Example Sentences for atlas

    Of Africa we know only the coasts; all the interior is no more known than it was in the times of Atlas and Hercules.

    Atlas—There are those, they tell me, who have the approval of the people—and live!

    She brought out an atlas and turned to a map of the United States.

    Atlas and Beach's Portland and Hoffman natural cement were used.

    Atlas, in Greek mythology, the name of a Titan whom Zeus condemned to bear the vault of heaven.

    I was on my way home from the last board meeting of the Atlas Company.

    Take your atlas, and, turning to the map of Sweden, place your finger on the city of Stockholm.

    What the atlas omitted, however, was supplied by Wallie's imagination.

    When Zora returned with the atlas she found him rubbing them through his hair, and staring at vacancy.

    "Get that atlas from the book-shelves and see, Henry," replied Captain Hardy.

Word Origin & History of - atlas

    Word Origin & History

    Atlas 1580s, Titan, son of Iapetus and Clymene, supposed to uphold the pillars of heaven, which was his punishment for being the war leader of the Titans in the struggle with the Olympian gods. The name perhaps means lit. "The Bearer (of the Heavens)," from stem of tlenai "to bear." Mount Atlas, in Mauritania, was important in Gk. cosmology as a support of the heavens.

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