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The Synonym of - atmosphere (noun)

Word Example of - atmosphere

    Example Sentences for atmosphere

    They absorbed her atmosphere and after each followed a period of mental asphyxy.

    The atmosphere of the place was cold and musty and suggestive of a charnel house.

    It is not easy to disturb them, for the atmosphere protects them.

    Evidently all forms of suggestion tend to create an atmosphere of delusion.

    We went out into the night, glad to exchange the atmosphere.

    Judgment is beclouded by the atmosphere formed by the mores.

    It was a matter of atmosphere; quite intangible, and quite perceptible.

    Id like to see a place full of atmosphere, suggested Lethbridge.

    Now, is it reasonable to believe that dust, however fine, will remain in the atmosphere at that elevation for over six months?

    All planets possess an atmosphere, the sun also possesses an atmosphere.

Word Origin & History of - atmosphere

    Word Origin & History of atmosphere

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