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Word Example of - atomic-bomb

    Example Sentences for atomic

    Out of the facts of chemistry the constructive imagination of Dalton formed the atomic theory.

    With an atomic and gravitative aether it is shown in Chapter IV.

    The Swifts had first met Chow when they were on an atomic research expedition in the Southwest.

    What must therefore be the atomic vibration which such a statement implies?

    Atomic energy as a potential force for destruction has not been controlled.

    If, therefore, there are TWO forces at work in the atomic world, viz.

    It will strengthen our efforts to ban nuclear tests and to stop the spread of atomic weapons to other nations.

    Is there anything about electricity that can suggest the hypothesis that electricity is atomic?

    Whether it rains, and whether I bring my umbrella, are each severally matters of atomic fact, ascertainable by observation.

    That is to my mind an extraordinary example of the force of atomic consciousness.

Word Origin & History of - atomic-bomb

    Word Origin & History

    atomic 1670s as a philosophical term (see atomistic); scientific sense dates from 1811, from atom. Atomic number is from 1821; atomic mass is from 1898. Atomic energy first recorded 1906; atomic bomb first recorded 1914 in writings of H.G. Wells, who thought of it as a bomb "that would continue to explode indefinitely.""When you can drop just one atomic bomb and wipe out Paris or Berlin, war will have become monstrous and impossible." [S. Strunsky, "Yale Review," January 1917]Atomic Age is from 1945.