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Word Example of - atrophy

    Example Sentences for atrophy

    A certain amount of atrophy also may be brought about by the pressure and development of tumors.

    They pay the penalty in an atrophy of the faculties of reflection and representation.

    A mere lack of use of bones may also lead to a certain amount of atrophy from lacunar resorption.

    Atrophy is partial and special in its operation, nanism is general.

    The ovary of aconites, according to Moquin, is very subject to atrophy.

    In at least this age and country it exists as the atrophy of a cureless decline.

    The vascular tunic may be congested in young infants, but atrophy soon develops and may reach an extreme degree.

    Was it politics that had caused this atrophy of the moral senses by disuse?

    Especial importance has been attached in recent years to degeneration and atrophy of the gastric tubules.

    Did God require in His service the atrophy of the affections?

Word Origin & History of - atrophy

    Word Origin & History

    atrophy "wasting away through lack of nourishment," 1590s (implied in atrophied), from Fr. atrophie, from L.L. atrophia, from Gk. atrophia "a wasting away," noun of state from atrophos "ill-fed, un-nourished," from a- "not" + trophe "nourishment," from trephein "to fatten." Atrophic is recorded from 1865.

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