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Word Example of - attach

    Example Sentences for attach

    Do you not see that by marrying Warwick's daughter you will attach him firmly to us?

    The only funny thing about it is its title, and his spelling ‘attach’ ‘attatch.’

    Modern life is infinitely rich in the high spiritual interests that attach to the possession of advanced art and science.

    Do you mean that you intend to attach yourself to me, to become one of my servants?

    It is of course surrounded by a flower-garden, which the English love to attach to all their buildings.

    But Kenrick had better reasons for wishing to attach Charlie to himself.

    A woman of sense like thee doth not attach herself to a husband that is poor.

    I do not attach undue importance to the bargain, but one never knows.

    The object of the label now manifested itself; it was to attach to our clothes—not likely to be wanted for some time.

    Make little loop of paper, or of wire, and attach your fibre to it.

Word Origin & History of - attach

    Word Origin & History

    attach early 14c., "to take or seize (property or goods) by law," a legal term, from O.Fr. estachier "to attach" (Fr. attacher, It. attaccare), perhaps from a- "to" + Frank. *stakon "a post, stake" or a similar Gmc. word (see stake (n.)). Meaning "to fasten, affix, connect" is first attested 1802, from French.