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The Synonym of - attacker (noun)

Word Example of - attacker

    Example Sentences for attacker

    He clawed wildly at the iron fingers, struck heavy blows at his attacker's face and body.

    The attacker laughed exultantly, mockingly, as he swung his horse about.

    This time the unknown ducked his knobby head at the attacker.

    When the attacker has been repulsed, they don't chase him a foot.

    He reached for his own hand weapon, still searching for his attacker.

    As is usual in such debates, the attacked and the attacker often changed their ground.

    There was a shrill cry from the other as he tried to turn in the Apache's hold, to face his attacker.

    Greeting to you, Osbert, nithing and attacker of little children.

    The attacker's conning-tower was smashed, and she sank at once with all hands.

    The moral impulse which estimates the attacker is everything.

Word Origin & History of - attacker

    Word Origin & History

    attack c.1600, from Fr. attaquer (16c.), from Florentine attaccare (battaglia) "join (battle)," thus the word is a doublet of attach, which was also used 15c.-17c. in the sense now reserved to attack.

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