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Word Example of - attention

    Example Sentences for attention

    But there was one on the mantel which attracted my attention especially.

    In the first place, the way in which it was brought to his attention was unusual, to say the least.

    Two or three objects were at this moment observed which fixed their attention.

    Some spectacle now drew the attention of the crowd another way.

    He had chosen a moment when her attention was distracted to slip out unobserved.

    The men get into the house without attracting the attention of your watcher.

    But Wilfrid's attention was frozen by the sight of Vittoria's lover.

    The whining of the dog attracted his attention, and he let him in before he went to his room.

    You will tell Mr Preenham to see that these gentlemen have every attention.

    That was a hard question, and I decided not to pay any attention to it.

Word Origin & History of - attention

    Word Origin & History

    attention late 14c., "giving heed," from L. attentionem (nom. attentio) "attention, attentiveness," noun of action from attendere "mental heeding." Used with a remarkable diversity of verbs (e.g. pay, gather, attract, draw, call). As a military cautionary word preparative to giving a command, it is attested from 1792.

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