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Word Example of - attenuation

    Example Sentences for attenuation

    Moreover, the fiefs dependent on the Gascon duchy had fallen away with the attenuation of the duke's domain.

    The rapidity of the action diminished with the attenuation of the vapour.

    The occupant of the bed appears almost in a sitting position, propped up by pillows, marble pale, and thin to attenuation.

    It is to be given at the first attenuation three times daily in half gr.

    The heat is at this time generally 75°, if it was pitched at 65°; for the heat and the attenuation go hand in hand.

    She quite lacks the refinement, attenuation and imponderability you have achieved.

    The symptoms here compiled were produced by the 3x attenuation and the tincture, using from one drop to thirty drops at a dose.

    The secret of attenuation had thus become an open one to Pasteur.

    Myers believes that in nearly every instance mutism follows stupor and is merely an attenuation of the latter process.

    The rush had quickened when she met his groan with an attenuation.

Word Origin & History of - attenuation

    Word Origin & History

    attenuation 1590s, from L. attenuationem (nom. attenuatio), noun of action from attenuatus, pp. of attenuare (see attenuate).

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