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Word Example of - attestation

    Example Sentences for attestation

    The formula of attestation is very curious and may have been distorted either by the original scribe or the copyist.

    It asks no other bond than his promise, no other evidence or attestation than his veracity.

    Instruments, to take; to take documents from the hand of the proper party by way of attestation.

    That death was the death of a martyr: it was met voluntarily in attestation of truth.

    What can we do to prove it to them, so that I may lay my head on the block and thereby give you attestation of your birth?!

    The Pope must believe this, or he must believe that he gives his attestation to what is not true.

    They recognised the body at once, and twenty of them signed an attestation to that effect.

    The presence and attestation of a notary in addition are usual but are not essential.

    The narrative is followed by an attestation of its truth signed by him and two others of Lovewell's band.

    The text is attestation of the rich, banked-up perception of the author.

Word Origin & History of - attestation

    Word Origin & History

    attestation 1540s, from Fr. attestation, from L. attestationem (nom. attestatio), noun of action from attestatus, pp. of attestari (see attest).

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