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What is a better word for attic? What's another word for attic? What are 5 "attic synonyms"? How can I replace the word attic? What is the meaning of attic in English?

The Synonym of - attic (noun)

Word Example of - attic

    Example Sentences for attic

    The mark of this prepotent previous man is left on the house from cellar to attic.

    You'll stay in the attic until you choose to answer my question.

    That is, not for keeps, but Pa has got frightened about burglars, and he gets up into the attic to sleep.

    The skylight was more inaccessible than the one in her own attic.

    In spite of its fire and its Frenchness it is too measured, too Attic.

    After that my confinement was so strict that for years I had no opportunity of leaving my attic.

    A tribe was called after his name, and Erichthonius, the mythical father of the Attic people, was the son of Hephaestus.

    Then he went up to his attic on the third floor, got into bed and fell asleep.

    I remember her well as she sang and spun aloft in the attic.

    Round the hall, up the stairs, and round the landing of the attic flight.

Word Origin & History of - attic

    Word Origin & History

    Attic 1590s, "pertaining to Attica," from L. Atticus, from Gk. Attikos "of Attica," the region around Athens (see Attica). Attested from 1560s as an architectural term for a type of column base.