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Word Example of - attitude

    Example Sentences for attitude

    The anger had ebbed from Dan's brain, although his attitude had not relaxed.

    Something in the agent's attitude of literary absorption aggravated him.

    What does it imply as regards his attitude towards all women?

    The Freshman's past attitude had paved the way for a different answer.

    Now in philosophy this attitude of mind has not as yet been achieved.

    He smiled now at the childishness of his attitude toward Nan.

    But what has been lost and what will be lost is the individual Roman's attitude and the individual Englishman's.

    She did not like the attitude of her friends towards their mother.

    There was such an agony of supplication in her voice and her attitude, that Pascal was touched.

    But not liking to glance up, he was unable to judge of his companion's attitude.

Word Origin & History of - attitude

    Word Origin & History

    attitude 1660s, via Fr. attitude (17c.), from It. attitudine "disposition, posture," also "aptness, promptitude," from L.L. aptitudinem (nom. aptitudo; see aptitude). Originally 17c. a technical term in art for the posture of a figure in a statue or painting; later generalized to "a posture of the body supposed to imply some mental state" (1725). Sense of "settled behavior reflecting feeling or opinion" is first recorded 1837. Connotations of "antagonistic and uncooperative" developed 1962 in slang.

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