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Word Example of - attractive

    Example Sentences for attractive

    You have no idea what a sympathetic and attractive person she is; and she must be good.

    The idea of a combination of toasts and stories (two-books-in-one) is attractive.

    In recognition, an attractive public park was named for him.

    But Natchez-on-top-of-the-hill is attractive; has always been attractive.

    The Summer Garden is the largest and most attractive of these.

    I'm not an attractive kind of girl; I know that well enough.

    In so immense a city it must be possible to find an attractive home.

    If the attractive force is doubled, then the repulsive force is doubled.

    Thus the idea that the greenish parts are seas had to be quite given up, though it appeared so attractive.

    None of them can be had in any such convenient and attractive form.

Word Origin & History of - attractive

    Word Origin & History of - attractive

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