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Word Example of - attributing

    Example Sentences for attributing

    We are, however, attributing too much to this formidable power.

    You may persist, if you will, in attributing to me wrongs I never inflicted.

    I blundered—God knows how—into attributing the tremors of the lovers to "the Woods of Madeira," by which they were surrounded.

    But these are my own reflections and I am by no means sure that I am right in attributing them to him.

    We can hardly go further than this in attributing emotional expression to architecture.

    Many authors have had the idea of attributing them to the worship of the sun.

    We are for ever attributing personal Unities to imaginary Aggregates.

    When attributing the same doctrine to Wesleyans, it becomes their tenent.

    And so they disposed of the subject by attributing it to a supernatural agency.

    The danger confronts us of attributing Shaksperian characteristics to Ossian.

Word Origin & History of - attributing

    Word Origin & History

    attribute late 14c., "assign, bestow," from L. attributus, pp. of attribuere "assign to, add, bestow," from ad- "to" + tribuere "assign, give, bestow." Pp. adj. attributed is recorded from 1808.

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