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What is a better word for audit? What's another word for audit? What are 5 "audit synonyms"? How can I replace the word audit? What is the meaning of audit in English?

Word Example of - audit

    Example Sentences for audit

    And then there are rent-days, the audit and winding up of tradesmen's accounts.

    It is, of course, understood that this audit is strictly in confidence?

    Remembering what passed between us one night at the deanery—the audit night—can you wonder that I do not oftener come?

    Audit the account, and do not let me give you a false statement of the debt.

    The treasury may also submit certain other accounts to the audit of the comptroller-general.

    So also would the audit of the Controller or Auditor-General.

    They tried to audit my accounts, and what do you think I did?

    In 1857, a new system of audit was adopted by the Government.

    The Board shall meet on the first Tuesday in every Month to audit accounts submitted, and decide upon cases referred.

    It would commit him too much; and I prefer the Audit Office because it is permanent.

Word Origin & History of - audit

    Word Origin & History

    audit early 15c., from L. auditus "a hearing," pp. of audire "hear" (see audience). Official examination of accounts, which originally was an oral procedure. The verb is attested from 1550s.