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Word Example of - augmentation

    Example Sentences for augmentation

    Another family which bears an augmentation to commemorate King Charles' escape is Whitgreave.

    Balsams become peloric by the augmentation in the number of spurs.

    Parliament unanimously voted an augmentation of eighty-five thousand men to the navy, and sixty thousand to the army.

    The augmentation of the duty on imposts met with no opposition.

    The ships shall rejoice at so great an augmentation, and one shall be made out of two.

    I do not expect this advantage will be by an augmentation of price.

    Augmentation and Diminution; the length of the notes is doubled or halved while their metrical relativity is maintained, e.g.

    Sir Charles Lyell admits that the fact of augmentation is proved.

    The rumour of this bold and successful achievement brought him offers at an augmentation of salary.

    See the Present State of the War, and the necessity of an augmentation.

Word Origin & History of - augmentation

    Word Origin & History

    augmentation mid-15c., "act of making greater," from O.Fr. augmentacion "increase," from L.L. augmentationem (nom. augmentatio), noun of action from augmentatus, pp. of augmentare (see augment). Meaning "amount by which something is increased" is from 1520s. Musical sense is from 1590s.

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