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What is a better word for authentic? What's another word for authentic? What are 5 "authentic synonyms"? How can I replace the word authentic? What is the meaning of authentic in English?

Word Example of - authentic

    Example Sentences for authentic

    So far we have authentic records to rely on; the remainder is pure conjecture.

    I inquired of him myself if this story was authentic, and he said it was.

    Be it our task, then, to jot down some authentic notices of that ancient, and now extinct monarchy.

    The picture is very valuable, on account of the portraits, which are authentic.

    The figure representing Heloise is not, however, an authentic likeness.

    To this friendship we owe the first authentic portrait of Buonaparte.

    The most authentic account is that by Hakluyt in 1582, and though it is rather long, it is worth extracting in full.

    Against the authentic voice of conscience no human authority can or should prevail.

    Here is a little bit of authentic teaching from the other side which bears upon the question.

    Every detail he gives is supported by the most authentic documents.

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