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Word Example of - authoritarian

    Example Sentences for authoritarian

    At this yielding he, being by nature an authoritarian, seemed not a little pleased.

    These are the authoritarian or State Socialist and the individualist methods.

    The earlier Liberalism had to deal with authoritarian government in church and state.

    To assume this would be to make of the "citizen" an "authoritarian" democrat.

    Self-hypnosis further lessens dependency for no authoritarian figure is used.

    It is not for us to answer the objections raised by authoritarian Communism—we ourselves hold with them.

    Only it will not come about in the way dreamt of by Phalansterians, nor in the manner often imagined by authoritarian Communists.

    The alternative to authoritarian rule is relapse into the comparative anarchy of savage life.

    The authoritarian nightmare of the 1960s has come home for them.

    He watched tyrannies and authoritarian governments fall under the passive resistance of their peoples.

Word Origin & History of - authoritarian

    Word Origin & History

    authoritarian 1879 (adj.), "favoring imposed order over freedom," from authority. Cf. authoritative, which originally had this meaning to itself. Noun in the sense of one advocating or practicing such governance is from 1883. Related: Authoritarianism (1909).