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Word Example of - authoritative

    Example Sentences for authoritative

    By the time he was able to walk and take care of himself, he was completely spoiled, selfish, and authoritative.

    Again came the noise of knocking, heavy, authoritative, threatening.

    It is the greatest mistake to impose them upon children as authoritative and divine all at once.

    In our day we have not these authoritative predictions of events.

    His personal knowledge on the subject, and his access to valuable unpublished documents, give it authoritative value.

    Authoritative English experts on Egypt were seriously alarmed.

    The general was not a little disconcerted by this pompous and authoritative address.

    At this moment there was an authoritative knock at the house-door.

    She had not experimented to an authoritative extent with the desert pickles.

    This remark was made in a dignified and authoritative manner.

Word Origin & History of - authoritative

    Word Origin & History

    authoritative c.1600, "dictatorial" (a sense now restricted to authoritarian), from authority (q.v.). Meaning "possessing authority" is recorded from 1650s; that of "proceeding from proper authority" is from 1809.

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