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Word Example of - authorization

    Example Sentences for authorization

    If a foreigner marries an heiress, he is accounted a citizen, but he must first obtain an authorization from the council-general.

    They wrote to Philip asking for his authorization and support.

    He is authorized for everything that is in his power; he will know no restrictive "authorization," will not want to be loyal.

    All the more reason to refuse you the authorization to follow the staff.

    The South demanded the authorization of slavery, since Southern emigrants would not go thither without their slaves.

    Also, a reproduction of Velma Swanston Howard's authorization.

    I myself feel confident of it, and have given him the authorization required.

    Yes, seor, I desire your authorization to confirm my relations with Isabelita.

    He has the consent and authorization of the Right Rev. Bishop of the diocese to this course of procedure.

    I'll give you a check for the thousand now, with a letter of authorization.

Word Origin & History of - authorization

    Word Origin & History

    authorization c.1600, noun formed from authorize + -tion.

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