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Word Example of - authorship

    Example Sentences for authorship

    He had practically admitted his authorship of the notice in the Winnipeg paper.

    I guess he had the budding pride of authorship in him, just as all the rest of us have it in us.

    Association of ideas is a nursing mother to the fertility of authorship.

    In the impossibility of further action there was a relapse into authorship.

    The Bishop appears to have copied some of them in his own hand, and certainly was acquainted with the authorship.

    There can be no doubt as to the authorship of the Store-house of Similies.

    Harcourt's early success had made him an early author; but he already felt that his authorship was unavailing.

    On the side of the defence, authorship is a little better ascertained.

    Many writers have been credited with the authorship of a similar sentiment, written from the American standpoint.

    This fairly settles the vexata questio as to the authorship of the tune.

Word Origin & History of - authorship

    Word Origin & History

    authorship c.1500, "the function of being a writer," from author + -ship. Meaning "literary origin" is attested from 1825.

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