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Word Example of - avenue

    Example Sentences for avenue

    Rachel followed her, and they walked in silence down the avenue.

    “Then understand me further,” I said when a shriek of wind had gone off down the avenue.

    But there are plenty of other women living miles from anywhere who know what's being worn on Fifth avenue.

    She reached the avenue bordered by a double row of dense lime-trees.

    Hare walked down the avenue of cottonwoods and was about to turn the corner of the old forge when he stopped short.

    But what would he find down there, in the Avenue Henri-Martin?

    For her, the temptations of old brass, mezzo-tints, and Italian majolica—Fourth Avenue generally—simply did not exist.

    Folenfant is waiting for me at the end of the Avenue de Neuilly.

    What would be thought of an avenue nearly two miles long, lined with over twelve hundred colossal sphinxes?

    It don't matter about me; but you're a Fifth Avenue baby—a little aristocrat.

Word Origin & History of - avenue

    Word Origin & History

    avenue c.1600, "a way of approach" (originally a military word), from M.Fr. avenue "way of access," from O.Fr. avenue "act of approaching, arrival," from fem. of avenu, pp. of avenir "to come to, arrive," from L. advenire "to come to," from ad- "to" + venire "to come" (see venue). Meaning shifted to "a way of approach to a country-house," usually bordered by trees, hence, "a broad, tree-lined roadway" (1650s), then to "wide, main street" (1858, esp. in U.S.).

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