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The Synonym of - awaiting (adjective)

Word Example of - awaiting

    Example Sentences for awaiting

    Dr. Grayle was awaiting her in the corridor, a watchdog, patient and placid.

    Mr. O'Shane had by this time completed his work, and was awaiting the result.

    Priscilla Mullins, there is John Alden awaiting us in the very spot where we are to work!

    There the mistress of the house, to whom she had been fetched, was awaiting her.

    Mr. Forster went to the room, where with other prisoners, John Smith stood, awaiting his removal in the prison van.

    Would they stay in Medora, or would they go on to where frontier justice was awaiting them?

    Awaiting the pleasure of the naval base dictator held me two weeks in London.

    I hope to find the proofs of my 'Genealogies' awaiting me on my return.

    At last, quite exhausted, she fled to her dressing room, where she found Florence and the faithful Tico awaiting her.

    He is at the chateau of Luchen, very well, and awaiting the arrival of the king.

Word Origin & History of - awaiting

    Word Origin & History

    await early 13c., awaiten, from O.N.Fr. awaitier (O.Fr. agaitier) "to lie in wait for, watch, observe," from a- "to" + waitier "to watch." Originally especially with a hostile sense.

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