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The Synonym of - awash (adv)

Word Example of - awash

    Example Sentences for awash

    There was no absolutely naked rock near him, but there seemed to be acres of that which might be almost said to be awash.

    Because it's awash an' visible only at the fall o' the spring tides.

    The quarter-deck was all awash, and we must close the companion doors.

    The boat was some fifty yards from land by now, and was awash in a broken current.

    I knew that by the look of the water, and as we neared the bank I saw it was all awash and without the vestige of an opening.

    My idea is they used that in the air, when they were running on the surface or just awash.

    A big bull, the creature lay quietly, just awash, while the captain's boat came upon it from behind.

    They was all below when they fired it, Sir, and were just awash when you exploded it.

    Here and there nodules of rock projected inches or feet above the surface, awash in the wavelets, to be avoided by the voyagers.

    As it was, the ship was awash fore and aft from seas breaking over her.

Word Origin & History of - awash

    Word Origin & History

    awash 1833, from a- (1) "on" + wash (q.v.).

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