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Word Example of - ax

    Example Sentences for ax

    With this he raised his ax, but the woman laid her hand on his arm.

    In leather loops on the door he found saw, ax, chisel, and hammer.

    If he took down the saw and the ax from their hooks to inspect them, he put them back again where he had found them.

    The pile was ordered to be built of rough wood, unpolished by the ax.

    He took his ax and cut down the stub, split it open, and found inside over two bushels of bugs.

    The licks was ex a-sharp an' ringin' ez ef the ax struck iron.

    Den de bung-shells 'gun ter bus'; en I ax myse'f w'at dey shootin' at me fer, en I ain't never fin' out w'at make dey do it.

    “It is too much to be too long anywhere,” said the tough old man, Gimme the Ax.

    He demanded an ax, a sail for his canoe, and a pair of blankets.

    He flung the pick and ax and washing-pan to the ground, and looked inside the tent.

Word Origin & History of - ax

    Word Origin & History of ax

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