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The Synonym of - axe (verb)

Word Example of - axe

    Example Sentences for axe

    No ring of the axe, no shout of the driver, no fall of the tree broke the silence.

    He then took an axe, and bowing his head, made signs that the Indians might kill him if they wished to do so.

    Do not tire Him out, for if he calls for the axe, there is no hope.

    He saw us coming, and, throwing down his axe, hurried forward to meet us.

    Only he hadn't been holding the axe; it had been hanging in mid-air without support.

    I will try and provide those of you who cannot furnish an axe.

    But she was too late; down came the axe, off went the head; and lo, and behold!

    In an instant, therefore, axe in hand, he was off to intercept the new comers.

    I eagerly watched them, fingers itching to get hold of an axe.

    Guapo was in front of the house busy in new-hafting his axe.

Word Origin & History of - axe

    Word Origin & History

    axe see ax.