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The Synonym of - axed (verb)

Word Example of - axed

    Example Sentences for axed

    One time come 'long a right decent captain and axed maw could she get he an' his men suthin' to eat.

    You'd be in Pennington now ef you'd come and axed me; but you wudden.

    I axed; for, to tell you the truth, I was beginnin' to get unaisy someway.

    He axed me if I was long in these parts, and I told him allers.

    One of 'em come to old Marster's house and axed one of my uncles to go off wid him.

    He axed me where I lived, and I told him about this cottage.

    Then he axed her how in the devil's name she dared to find him out and stand afore him.

    Would you mind telling me why you axed me all about them two meetings?

    And as they thus talked, ther came a knyghte that hyght Harsouse le Berbuse, and axed parte of sir Alysanders speres.

    I think he axed your uncle for some money, or mebbe something to eat.

Word Origin & History of - axed

    Word Origin & History of axed

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