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The Synonym of - axes (noun)

Word Example of - axes

    Example Sentences for axes

    At any rate they hewed the former out with axes and removed the latter before tumbling the carcass into the grave.

    Occasionally they came to a cane-brake, through which they cut their way with axes.

    The Kinganni river was reached by a bridge rapidly formed with American axes, the donkeys refusing to pass through the water.

    With axes and sledges it was an easier task than I had imagined.

    I ain't courted her fer long 'case de marster gives his permission 'fore I axes fer hit.

    I took a couple of axes from the shanty at the landing, and we embarked.

    Well, dar stan's a Yankee, an' he axes Missus Mary fer de smokehouse key.

    We have also to define the moment of momentum of the planets around their axes.

    The Master and his friends were obliged to go home and get hatchets and axes and cut a path through.

    They were hacked to death with swords, bayonets, knives and axes.

Word Origin & History of - axes

    Word Origin & History of axes

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