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Word Example of - axial

    Example Sentences for axial

    He called them axial processes, the only name which appears to have been suggested thus far.

    The storm was probably caused by the axial rotation of Wandl.

    For every voluntary act of sight there are two adjustments of the eyes, namely, focal and axial.

    Axellipsis is a peculiar genus differing from Cenellipsis in an axial rod, which corresponds to the minor or equatorial axis.

    Their body is always composed of two chief organs, the axial stem and the lateral leaves.

    These are the “axial” and “equatorial” positions of Faraday.

    These vertebrae are developed round an unsegmented rod, the notochord, which forms the axial support of the embryo.

    There is considerable variation in the width of the axial lobe.

    It may be noted that in all these genera the axial lobe of the pygidium is either short or narrow.

    The feature most conspicuous in it at first is the axial groove.

Word Origin & History of - axial

    Word Origin & History

    axial "pertaining to an axis," 1842 (in axially), from axis + -al (1).

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