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The Synonym of - axilla (noun)

Word Example of - axilla

    Example Sentences for axilla

    When attached in protected spots in the tender skin of the axilla or groin, they are often in dense clusters of a dozen or more.

    The conformation of the region of the axilla was quite peculiar.

    A pad is inserted in the axilla, the elbow raised, and the arm placed by the side on a pillow and steadied with sand-bags.

    In the axilla of the pectoral there are four or five pale round spots.

    In most individuals the white color in the axilla extends onto the posterior edge of the upper arm.

    One of these balls lodged in the inner part of the right arm, below the axilla, whence the writer excised it.

    The temperature in the axilla is normally about half a degree lower than in the mouth.

    Ventrolateral glands noticeably thickened, extending from axilla nearly to groin and only narrowly separated medially on chest.

    Axil, or Axilla, in botany, the angle between the upper side of a leaf and the stem or branch from which it springs.

    The whole right arm, but principally the axilla, feels as if it had been dislocated by a blow.

Word Origin & History of - axilla

    Word Origin & History of axilla

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